About Simons Roll Forming Company LLC

Simons Roll Forming Company was founded with one simple idea: Provide our customers with parts that fit their needs. 

Our customers have options!
We work with each customer to develop a part that best fits the application. 
Gone are the days of standard parts in truckload quantities. 
We manufacture the most efficient and cost effective solutions. 

Quality Products

We produce the highest quality parts in the industry. 

Experienced Manufacturing Staff 

Our manufacturing team has more than 90 years combined experience in custom roll forming.

In-house Design Assistance

We provide results for our customer through our experience in custom roll forming design. Let us assist your engineers in utilizing the flexibility of custom roll forming.

Cost Effective Solutions

Drawing on the experience of our entire staff we can provide the most economical and structurally sound parts in the industry.

JIT Delivery System

We understand the importance of timely delivery to today's successful businesses.

Superior Customer Service

Our greatest asset is our customer and we are always available to answer questions and provide information.